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Differ History

Differ History

  • Nov. Differ Group won the Forbes Asia's Best Under A billion Awards.

  • Feb. Differ Group was granted licenses from the SFC of Hong Kong to carry outType 1 (Dealing in Securities and Type 9 (Asset Management)  regulated activities.

  • Feb. Differ Group moved headquarters to Xiamen Differ Fortune Center.

  • Dec. Differ Group acquired the Differ Cultural Tours Group Company Limited effectively extending to the business chain of asset management to the filed of value assets.

  • Aug. Differ Group worked with Tsinghua Holdings, an asset management company, to set up dollar funds which were used for investing in overseas technological programs with high potential.

  • Apr. Differ Group acquired 6.25% of South China Venture Capital stocks.

  • MarDiffer Group won the most Valuable Financial Stock Company Awards in the 2017.

  • Nov. Differ Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CCRE Group to develop the commercial factoring business.

  • Aug. Differ Group won the "President's Award 2015/2016" issued by The Community Chest.

  • Sep. Differ Group signed an agreement with the government of Huli District, Xiamen to allow its key projects to be implement in the Free Trade Zone of the district. This became one of the first enterprises to sign such a deal with Huli government. Later Differ Group invested 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars in the Zone.

  • Jul. Differ Group Holding Company Limited successfully listed on main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 6878.HK).

  • Jan. Differ Group ranked 11th in the Forbes "China's Top 100 Most Promising Listed Companies".

  • Jul. Differ Group Hong Kong Branch was founded and started expanding its international business.

  • Dec. Differ Group Holding Company Limited listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), being the first non-banking  financing company on the west of the Taiwan Strait listed in HKEX (Stock Code: 8056.HK).

  • Sep. Differ Group signed cooperation agreement valued at about 1 billion RMB with Huli District Government and made a successful bid on 2012P06 land plot of Huli Cross-Strait Financial Center, and the construction of head office building Differ Fortune Center commenced.

  • Aug. Differ Group Holding Company Limited was officially founded and started-up to IPO stage.

  • Sep. Differ Group moved its head office in Floor 23, 11#, Guanyinshan Operation Center, Xiamen.

  • Aug. Differ Financial Guarantee Limited was moved to Lixin Square of Xiamen from Quanzhou.

  • Jan. Differ Finance Holdings Limited acquired Differ Financing Guarantee Limited.

  • Oct. Differ Finance Holdings Limited was founded and acquired Fujian Differ Pawn Limited.