Asset Management

Asset Management

Based on the rich resources and expertise of Differ Group (the Group), its asset management services center on special asset acquisition. Effectively utilizing multiple tools such as lawsuits, transfers, asset swaps, M&A and reorganization, as well as stock right investment to vitalize assets as quick as possible and generate high returns on investment. On the other hand, the Group actively explores value assets with high potential, which can be organized, developed, and operated by Differ’s cultural tourism team so as to maximize asset appreciation and profits.


The asset management team develops and operates assets with investment value to create premiums and professional operation of the Group’s business management and estate management companies can keep and increase the value of assets. At the same time, the Group stimulates existing assets and integrates the asset management industry through strategies such as fund cooperation and asset securitization.

Scope of business
  • Special Asset Disposal

  • Bankryptcy Reorganization Management

  • Value Asset Investment

  • Assets Management Services